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in the capital and throughout the country. ishikawa, nhk world. >>> defense officials in beijing have claimed that a japanese self defense force ship intruded into a zone where the chinese navy was conducting drills. japanese officials said s.e.f. personnel have been engaged in routine activities. crews aboard chinese navy ships began live fire on october 24th in the western pacific. defense ministry spokesperson yune said the japanese ship entered the zone despite repeated warnings. yang said japanese surveillance aircraft repeatedly entered the area, as well. >> translator: these actions by the japanese ship and aircraft have created hazards to the safe navigation of our ships and aircraft. it was a very dangerous provocation. >> yang said chinese officials summoned a defense from beijing to launch a protest. japan's defense minister dismissed china's protest. >> translator: it is normal for the self defense forces to conduct regular controls and surveillance in waters southeast of the islands in okinawa prefecture. such actions show no problems in light of international law. >> onodera say
and perhaps another strike near damascus that has again not been confirmed. either by israel's defense ministry or by its government who have remained mute on the issue. if they were to make any comment , as they have in the past one of the strikes were attributed to israel, between four and five this year alone, but all we will hear from israeli officials is that israel will do what ever -- whatever it needs to, and that includes using force, in order to prevent weapons from being transferred into the hands of its enemies. so, according to anonymous sources, this would be a shipment of russian long-range missiles that would supposedly ollahnt to has bola -- hezb operating in southern lebanon. >> if indeed this was an arms shipment, why would israel strike now? what is the strategy here? >> the believe probably amongst the intelligence community and the military community in israel is at this point between four and five different strikes have already been attributed to israel. there has been absolutely no response from the shop al-assad, the embattled syrian president and how the chemi
. they failed to score. passe 37th minute, a through the stubborn defense. they stopped the equalizer, but to no avail. moving onto tennis where the former world number one is starting to look like his old self again. roger federer facing the argentinian. roger federer is slowly returning to top form. he managed to beat one of the world's 10 top players for only the second time. set 6- him in the first 3. his opponent briefly got back into the game at the end of the first set. act -- bacer roared k. last week.en he now faces his archrival in the semifinals. play, iver i do see him see him fit, quick, confident and all of those wings you would expect from the world number one and now world number two. -- using his customary aggressive style playing. he found his footing in the second set and still came up short. they will face each other for the first time in a year. not want to rest on his laurels. the red bull driver left his rivals in the dust in the second practice session of the ground pretty. prix. grand and webber came in second hamilton was heard. finally, some golf before we
that regulates the body's defense system-- and destroys it. in so doing, it's destroying all of your ability to mount a defense against any other germ that might come along or any cancer cell that might come along. but that's not all. because h.i. is a retro virus, it can also insert its genetic material into selected t4 cells. alexandra levine: and as long as that t4 cell lives, the virus is living also inside of it. we used to think that if we can just keep the virus hidden in the dna there, then eventually those t4 cells will die out and we might be able to cure this. but it turns out that those long-lived "latently infected" t4 cells in which the virus is there, hidden in e dna, ey may live 20 or 30 years, and therefore, the ability to really re is infection may not be possible. ronald mitsuyasu: so it's a very insidious virus that attacks human immune cells, integrates within the cell itself, and then replicates within those cells and then goes on to attack additional immune cells. and the terrifying thing about h.i.v. is that... the patient really does not have an immune response to th
minister and the defense minister. and of course most importantly to them, their families. catherine, what can you make of the emotions from where you are? yes, very emotional scenes, very joyous scenes. we saw lots of smiles and former as the four french hostages landed back on home soil and were reunited at long last with their families. imagine, huge smiles all around, and they have spent just a few minutes talking, touching up, on three years in which they have not seen their loved ones, and that many times they did not have news of them. doubted perhaps whether they were still alive given all the conflict. very worrying months and years, but now they are reunited. french president franÇois hollande and the foreign minister also on the tarmac to greet them, emotional scenes as and airplane doors opened the hostages came out with big smiles and family members ran towards them and embraced them. >> the families came to greet them. we know in at least one instance, it has been a long trip for the family, particularly that of the area thierry dol's family. >> yes, they had an overnight fl
with existence anywhere else in the world, and the only place where we can have the dignity of self-defense and the freedom and liberty of running our lives as we believe to be, the way is here in a state of our own. so this is a deep argument going on for many years within the religious world of israel. >> i work with jews and christians. and there is no problem to live with jews and problems to live with political policy aside and to live together. christian and muslims never had problem to live together. in syria, live and learn. in iraq, they live together, so it's not a problem. the problem is when one is wanting to reign and to control- that's a problem. if the jews can trust to share with us the holy land, it's okay. but not to control, not to reign, not to occupy, not to, you know, humiliate people, like what's going on in the west bank. >> and it's hard to believe that when somebody will take his land to give up and to say, "okay, let's have peace, and our land is with them," it's so difficult to believe, and if we look here, and the mountains that is our land here, and israel. the
of body language may communicate that you're feeling defensive. and what did you observe about the teacher's facial expressions? did you notice our teacher's control or lack of control over her environment? reducing or eliminating classroom distractions is so important when we're trying to talk with someone. nonverbal communication is only part of the process. the family member needs to know that you understand what they're saying. that's where paraphrasing, or the act of listening and rephrasing what people say to you, comes in. first, paraphrasing for facts. let's see what can happen when we don't paraphrase accurately. thank you for taking the time to see us today. rose is having a problem. it's kind of sensitive. she's bedwetting. teacher: oh, i love bedwetting! it's my favorite topic to deal with with parents because i was a chronic bedwetter. i had the funniest experience when i was a child, and i had a bedwetting problem until i was, like, 8 years old, and i'll never.. not a pretty picture, is it? how did our teacher fail in her effort to paraphrase for facts? how do you think you w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7